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Premium Orchid Sales

PA Orchid Exchange specializes in the cultivation and distribution of several species of highly sought after Jewel orchids. We supply only the highest quality plants cultured in a sterile lab in the United States—never imported and never illegally harvested. Our plants are pesticide-free and we never use chemical fertilizers, making them ideal for vivariums. We guarantee your Jewel orchid will arrive pest-free and ready to be enjoyed no matter the application—no need to quarantine or "grow out" prior to adding to your collection.

The Greener Good

At PA Orchid Exchange, we take pride in every step we take to bring you the highest quality plants and accessories available on the market today. We firmly believe in responsible sourcing and refuse to compromise for the sake of profit. Each specimen is cultivated by hand in the United States; we want to leave nature just the way it is and we hope you do too.

Once our orchids reach an age suitable for hardening off and distribution, each plant is inspected to ensure it meets an exceptionally high standard of quality. We hand pick only the healthiest, best looking orchids for distribution. We do not ship plants without ensuring adequate root development. All plants will be carefully removed from the lab vessel they were cultured in and placed into a 2" nursery pot prior to shipping. All Jewel orchids are shipped planted in media that was specifically developed for terrestrial orchids, available exclusively at PA Orchid Exchange and approved distributors. In addition we water strictly with reverse osmosis water to prevent mineral build up in the soil and significantly reduce unsightly water spots on the foliage of our plants.

If you plan to place in a terrarium, vivarium or your own planter, please visit our Jewel orchid menu for individual plants.  If you own a retail store and are interested in carrying our products, please contact us for wholesale pricing and order minimums.

We are licensed with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and are members of the American Orchid Society and the Philadelphia Horticulture Society.

We guarantee live arrival of all plants shipped .

You simply won't find a better product.

What else do we have?

In addition to a fantastic selection of Jewel orchids, we also regularly stock Vanilla orchids, rare and had to find tropical plants, live moss gardens and a great selection of planters and terrariums. We custom blend our Pars Terrae Mix and highly recommend it for use with terrestrial orchids. While every plant shipped comes planted in our Pars Terrae Mix, we also have different sized bags available for individual sale.

We stock the exact same lighting we use in our nursery for sale to our customers. They are cost effective, very sleek and there are only two to choose from, so you won't be bombarded with options and technical specs. We did the research for you!

Finally, don't forget to check out our Extras menu for things like digital hydrometers.

In Vitro Plants

We offer the ability to place pre-orders on plants that are still in vitro. This means that you have the first opportunity to order plants sometimes months ahead of time that are still in preparation for distribution. This is a great option for people looking to pre-order for special occasions such as weddings or the final steps of a terrarium or vivarium build. This is also the perfect option for people that do not want to miss out on the newest varieties as we make them available. All pre-orders will ship prior to any inventory being made available for general retail. If the orchid you are looking for is listed as out of stock, please visit the In Vitro page to pre-order.

Please remember that flasking orchids can be a very delicate process. While we take every precaution to ensure your pre-order ships as listed, we do not guarantee the available date. Should your order extend past the listed shipping date, you will have the option of a full refund, a replacement product or agreeing to the revised shipping date.

Custom Orders, Packages and Discounted Bulk Orders

If you are interested in purchasing multiple plants or vessels, please contact us with your order prior to placing your order here. We are always happy to discount larger than average quantities!

If you have a big project or special occasion and would like to place a custom order, please contact us with your request and we will typically get back to you with a quote within 24 hours. 

What level of experience do I need to have?

You do not need to be an expert to enjoy the beauty of Jewel orchids in your home or office. In fact, that's one of our favorite things about Jewels! 

They are some of the easiest orchids to take care of and make wonderful house plants. The foundation of a healthy plant begins with the media it's planted in. All of our plants ship in our hand blended Pars Terrae Mix, originally developed for terrestrial orchids. This takes the guess work out of when to water and provides necessary nutrients to the plant right out of the box. Jewel orchids do well in normal home temperatures both inside and outside terrariums and can be kept moist with a spray bottle. Let our Pars Terrae Mix do the rest of the work for you! Each element in our specialty mix has a very important job. For instance, the black lava rock we use helps to maintain the temperature of the media long after the heat from daytime hours has otherwise dissipated. Head over to our Pars Terrae Mix page to see the benefits of the other ingredients in our mix and how they will make caring for your new orchid easier than ever.

We want you to feel confident about caring for your new orchid 

One of our dreams is to introduce orchids to people that never thought they could own an orchid due to the complex care requirements most species have. We have taken three main steps to make this dream a reality.

1) We will do everything possible to set you up for success before you even order your first orchid. We hand select only the strongest, healthiest plants for tissue culture. From there, only the best plants move to the next stage of hardening off. Once your plant is mature enough for distribution, it will go through a final quality inspection prior to shipping.

2) We make the care requirements simple and easy to understand. See "General Care Tips" included in the information provided with each plant for details.

3) We are always available to help answer questions you may have along the way, anything from re-potting to "Is there enough light in this location?"

 Use the Contact us link should you have any questions regarding the care or placement of your new orchid.

Thank you!

We genuinely appreciate your visit to our website. We hope you had a pleasant experience and look forward to the opportunity to do business with you. While plants are our business, our customers are our number one priority. If there's anything we missed, or if there's something you think we can do better, we would love to hear from you. We know how valuable your time is, so thank you for spending a little bit of it with us today!

If you aren't able to find what you were looking for on our site, please let us know. We occasionally have stock available that is not listed here.

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