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This energy efficient LED grow light utilizes wavelengths around the 450 nm spectrum. This is the sweet spot for absorption in chlorophyll a and b molecules which are the main photosynthetic pigments in plant cells. Using such a narrow spectrum also reduces the burden of removing excess heat that is generated by the production of light in other wavelengths. This reduction allows plants to allocate more energy to growth and stay healthy. Add in the sleek design and low power consumption and you have a trifecta of perfection. This light is strong enough to substitute natural light but mild enough to be used with delicate jewel orchids.

Includes hanging mechanism.
Blue/White is our top pick for Jewel orchids and other low light loving plants.
White is our top pick for Vanilla orchids and other higher light loving plants.

22w Ultra-thin Panel LED Grow Light for Indoor Growing

SKU: 11GRL009-225T-W
$20.99 Regular Price
$19.94Sale Price
  • The 22w LED Grow Light Indoor Growing 225 Ultra-Thin Panel comes in one size and two color options. We recommend the white/blue light for use with Jewel orchids and the white light for use with Vanilla orchids.


    Both color options are 11 1/4"L  x 11 1/4" W x 1/5" H


    • High-efficient and energy-saving design.
    • Optical Lens added on each SMD LEDs to maintain the effectivness of the light particles avoiding lumen depreciation and the loss of effictivness at long distance.
    • Larger lighting coverage and further lighting distance.
    • Save up to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes.
    • A professional ballast makes electric current of light more stable and eliminates flashing lights. 
    • AC100-250V full voltage with U.S. standard plug.
      (If you use this grow light in other country, please make sure to use it with your travel adaptor.)
    • Comes with detachable hanging brackets.