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The use of Iron and aged brass in decretive pots and urns has been popular for centuries and no doubt the inspiration for this breathtaking dish style hanging planter. This is the perfect combination of timeless flair and modern design that will only get more beautiful with time. Not only is this wide, shallow dish the perfect way to showcase your Jewel orchid, its is also our number one pick for Vanilla orchid display. With 2 size options and the ability to hang it or remove the steel wire and set it on a table or desk, we know you will like this planter as much as we do. Because of the aging process each item sold may vary slightly making each piece unique. These are large enough to support several orchids, or just one single stunning specimen. The body is made of high quality solid iron coated in an aged Brass finish and comes pre-assembled with sturdy ready to hang steal wire and a matching hanging hoop. These look particularly nice grouped in multiples of both like and different sizes.


This planter will not fade under UV lighting.

Top pick for outdoor use.

Top pick for vanilla orchid display.


(Does not include hanging brackets)

Old English Iron & Aged Brass Shallow Hanging Planter

  • 2 Size Options (Stock permitting)




     5in. Deep x 10.4in. Wide

    • (Recommended for 1 to 3 Jewel orchids, or 1 to 2 Vanilla orchids)



    6in. Deep x 13in. Wide

    • (Recommended for 2- 8 Jewel orchids or up to 4 Vanilla orchids)


    • Open Air Design with a large surface area allows for proper airflow.
    • Solid Iron Body With Aged Brass Finish combines long lasting durability with timeless beauty. 
    • 24" looped, sturdy steal wire pre assembled for hanging in windows, on patios, or any other favorite location.
    • Includes matching hook hoop to bring the hanging wire together at the top for a seamless appearance and easy hanging.
    • Low maintenance & easy to clean, this planter is naturally beautiful.
    • A flat bottom gives you the versatility to set this planter on a flat surface rather than hang if desired. Wire hangers are easily removed. 

    Please visit our Extras page for our Urethane Foam Pottery Cushions (sold Separately) designed to protect your furniture should you choose to place this planter on a flat surface rather than hanging.