Pars Terrae is a Latin phrase meaning "piece of the earth". We believe that the foundation of a strong, healthy plant is the piece of earth its planted in. That's why we did an outstanding amount of research and field testing to insure we had all the necessary parts to create that perfect foundation. We removed all unnecessary fillers to make sure 100% of the ingredients in our mix serve very important functions.

The end result is a clean beautiful potting mixture that has the highest bio-availability and lowest waste rate out of any potting mixture we could find on the market today. We guarantee you will experience the difference from the moment you open the bag.

Scroll down to see why we are so excited to be able to offer our hand crafted Pars Terrae Mix to our customers and learn about the roll each ingredient plays in keeping your plants happy for years to come.

Pars Terrea Mix

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  • What inspired Pars Terrae Mix?

    When we began our journey to find the best possible potting media for our plants, we learned that not only was this an extremely difficult product to find, but when you do, its packed with several unnecessary ingredients while leaving out many of the key components our exotic beauties need to thrive.

    Our mission became clear pretty fast, to create a mix that included just the essential ingredients and to source them from the most reputable places. We wanted a clean, dust free media that was high in organic, bio-available nutrients and allowed the airflow necessary to support a healthy culture of the beneficial bacteria plants need to survive. In addition to the functionality we craved, we also wanted to create something beautiful, something that adds to the ascetic of having plants in our homes. We wanted to give our plants their own little piece of the earth to flurish in.


    Not only have we brought together the right ingredients, we now understand the ratio needed to optimize the benefits of each one. We began to see plants with larger foliage and brighter colors that grew up to 30% faster than the ones planted in other media blends. We discovered that the plants planted in Pars Terrae were more resistant to disease and pests. We also learned that chemical fertilizers were no longer necessary to nourish our plants. The most exciting part is that all of this was accomplished with zero filler ingredients. This means that when you purchase our mix, you can be confident you are only buying what your plant needs and not a bunch of bulky fillers. Our labeling tells you exactly whats inside, and why its important!

    Pars Terrae Mix has truly been a pleasure to work with. From the moment you open the bag and smell the organic, earthy aroma its clear our media is different. We promise you will love it as much as your plants do. Pars Terrae Mix is naturally dust free and redily accepts moisture rather than repelling it.


    We hand blend our mix in small batches to insure you are receiving the freshest possible product. Pars Terrae Mix ships moist and ready to use, no need to pre-moisten or mix prior to use.


    Whats inside, and why does it matter?


    Premium Grade Clay Particle


    Premium Grade Clay Particle has 74% internal pore space, which helps control the amount of moisture in the mix. It absorbs water better than vermiculite but has a slower evaporation rate. It is one of the most stable growing medias on the market today rated at a 3.5% breakdown rate over a ten-year period. Clay partical is used in Pars Terrae Mix to maintain a humid environment within the soil rather than a wet, soggy one. The clay particles balance an endless cycle of absorbing and releasing moisture to perfectly maintain an environment humidity-loving plants flourish in. Clay particle is chemically inert and derived from a natural mineral blend. 


    Black Lava Aggregate


    Volcanic Rock has a high capacity for absorbing and retaining heat during daytime hours which is then released as the sun goes down. This helps to create a micro-climate in the growing media which stays at an optimal growing temperature for as many hours of the day as possible without human intervention. Lava rock is used in Pars Terrae Mix to ease the transition between daytime and nighttime temperatures.  Naturally occurring, Lava Rocks are organic and chemically inert. 


    Pine Chip Mulch


    Pine Chip Mulch is used to reduce soil impaction by creating air cavities due to its size and non-uniform texture. This is vital for beneficial bacteria growth and the overall health of a plants root system as it allows for proper nutrient uptake. Pine is naturally high in a compound called lignin. With proper airflow, this compound can help encourage the development of beneficial bacteria. Pine Chip Mulch is a very important additive to our mixt as its roll of aiding in the development of beneficial bacteria is critical to a healthy balanced media blend. 


    Organic Worm Castings


    Worm Castings are the end result of the breakdown of organic matter collected from certain species of earthworms. Also known as vermicompost, it naturally produces some of the most bio-available nutrients present in any organic growing media. Used as a substitute for chemical fertilizer, it releases the major and minor nutrients slowly over time with a significant reduction in the carbon/nitrogen ratio, synchronizing with the nutriticinal requirements of almost all plants. While chemical fertilizers often contain most of the necessary things our plants need to survive, they do not contain the beneficial bacteria and enzymes your plant will use to absorb and digest those nutrients, rendering a good deal of them useless. It can also be tricky to get the right rate of dilution even when you closely follow the instructions on the packaging often resulting in negative long lasting effects on your plants and soils. We chose worm castings for our media blend because we wanted to take the guesswork out of nourishing our plants. We wanted something with proven results that was clean, safe for delicate environments such as vivariums and organically nutritious.


    Plug Grade Expanded Perlite 

    Integrity and Drainage

    Expanded Perlite has a course, cavernous texture and is extremely lightweight. It typically won't hold much more than 1% moisture. When mixed with other growing media, perlite ensures good drainage while significantly reducing run-off of smaller components within the mixture.

    Because of the coarse texture, impaction is significantly reduced. The other ingredients in our mixture helped us achieve the level of moisture retention we were seeking, thats why we choose perlite rather than vermiculite. The addition of Perlite in our media helps to maintain the integrity of the overall mixture while insuring proper drainage.


    Sphagnum Moss

    Root Anchorage

    Sphagnum Moss creates the underground web necessary for proper root anchorage.

    Creating an ideal environment for root growth requires a media that is balanced, stable and encourages lateral growth as is commonly found in the natural environment of most terrestrial orchids. This creates a softer cushion between the otherwise rough media for the roots to naturally follow. Growing media that plants do not want to root in often causes things like deformed foliage, stunted growth and the inability to properly uptake critical nutrients and moisture. The addition of sphagnum moss to Pars Terrae Mix creates a very natural underground highway for the roots to follow as the plant matures. Sphagnum is also a very good host to beneficial bacteria and acts as a natural water meter showing you when moisture levels have dropped by slightly changing color and texture.



    Do we offer indavidual ingreadeants?

    We do not currently sell our ingreadeants indavidually. We can however pack a spacific ingreadeant seperatly if needed. For example, if you use Pars Terrae Mix for cactus and succulants you may want to leave out the sphagnum moss. We will still ship it with your order, but it will be packed seperatly from the rest of the media. You can have up to two ingreadeants packed seperatly from the rest of the mixture.


    What other ways can I use terrestrial orchid media?


    Cactus and succulants:

    The fine, gritty, very well draining nature of our media works wonderfully for succulants and cactus.

    We do recommend requesting the sphagnum moss to be packed seperatly.


    Tropical House Plants:

    Tropical house plants LOVE this mixture! We have experenced fantastic results mixing a 50/50 mixture of Pars Terrae Mix with a high quality poting soil of your choice. It drains well and provides long lasting nutrition. 


    Terreriums and Vivarums:

    Terrestrial orchid media is a great substrate for both terrariums and vivariums! It supports beneficial bacteria, eliminates the need for chemical fertilizer and promotes excellent drainage.


    Top Dressing:

    When we said our media was beautiful, we weren't kidding! We have a number of customers that use Pars Terrae Mix as a top dressing in all of there indoor and out door potted plants.