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Angraecum didieri is a native of Madagascar with elegant little flowers that possess a long dramatic spur. These epiphytic angraecoids do best in bright light and watered when dry. They require a lot of air around the roots, so growing mounted or in a net pot with charcoal is key to success with this species. 

Flowers are 2-3 inches in size and fragrant only at dusk and during the night

Angraecum didieri - Flowering Size

  • What's included with this item?


    • One live, Angraecum didieri - Flowering Size in a 3 inch pot.
    • Our live arrival guarantee.

    The plant you will receive is well established, rooted & ready to be enjoyed. 


    *The plants pictured are an example of the typical appearance of plants of this species from our collection and not representative of the exact plant that will be shipped.