Cystorchis variegata

-The Fairy Garden Jewel Orchid

Cystorchis variegata is a smaller variety of Jewel orchid with a soft velvety astatic. Reminiscent of something you would find in a fairy garden, this orchid will climb and spread to fill in beautifully.

Foliage is soft and oval shaped with a smooth blend of vibrant lime greens and deep rust reds. This orchid will move much like a ground cover if given the opportunity. Medium to fast growth & easy to split once mature. 

These Orchids are truly miniature in size making them ideal long term occupants in terrariums & vivarium’s. While considered a miniature variety, they form beautiful, bright, full clusters of foliage when mature.

Favored by both hobbyists and professional growers, this is one of our top picks for all skill levels.

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