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This vintage style glass cloche and natural wood base orchid terrarium is one of the coolest table top terrariums we offer. It is easy to maintain and offers a 360 degree crystal clear viewing area. This is the deepest base you will find with this type of terrarium, perfect for the media used with terrestrial  jewel orchids. This is not only a decorative, but highly functional piece. Included is a matching wood ball that rests on the top of the glass for easy venting and plastic base insert designed to protect the wood from excessive moisture. 


Top pick for single orchid display.

Top pick for medium & miniature Jewel Orchid varieties.

Top pick for desk top display.

Vintage Glass Terrarium With Deep Natural Wood Base

  • This Vintage Glass Terrarium With Deep Natural Wood Base comes in one size:



    8'' H x  3 3/4'' W x  7 3/4'' Internal Depth

    (For a larger size option please see the X-Lg Glass Terrarium With Shallow Natural Wood Base) <- It's huge!


    • Deep solid wood base with inside rim fitted for glass body to sit securely inside.
    • Removable matching wooden ball for easy ventilation
    • Plastic planting tray fitted to inside of wood base included for higher moisture tolerance.
    • High quality crystal clear glass body for 360 degree viewing.
    • Wide opening bottom on glass body for easy access. 
    • Glass body lifts off base for easy planting and watering
    • Perfect for a table or desktop.


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