The Habenaria tracey x medusa has very attractive vibrant green foliage that tops out at about 8 inches. While this is an attractive plant in its own right, the true pleasure comes in witnessing its annual blooms. Intricate detail and a soft pink color make this one of the most unique flowers out there.

We have a very limited supply of these rare orchids and may not restock once sold out.

Habenaria tracey x medusa

  • What's included with this item?

    • One live, flowering size Habenaria tracey x medusa in a 2" inch pot.
    • Our live arrival guarantee.

    The plant you will receive is well established, rooted & ready to be enjoyed. 

    All plants ship pre-potted in our hand blended Pars Terrae Mix.

    *The plants pictured are an example of the typical appearance of plants of this species from our collection and not representative of the exact plant that will be shipped.