This modern style hanging glass orchid terrarium is one of the most popular terrariums on the market today and we can definitely see why! When we chose to offer this as an option to our customers, we did some serious research to find the one with the highest quality glass for near perfect visibility. It is easy to maintain and offers a 360 degree crystal clear viewing area. We promise you won't find a better one!  The base of the solid glass body has a nice, reasonably deep core, perfect for the media used with terrestrial  jewel orchids. This is not only a decorative, but highly functional piece. Included is a pre-knotted thick, durable twine style rope, both easy to use as a hanger or remove should you choose to use the glass body alone. These look fantastic grouped in sets in both like and different sizes. We offer 2 sizes when stock is available.


Top pick for grouping miniature varieties.

Top pick for medium & miniature Jewel Orchid varieties.

(Does not include hanging brackets)

Hanging Teardrop Glass Orchid Terrarium With Rope

  • This Hanging teardrop shaped solid glass terrarium is 4 in. wide and 7 in. tall. It comes with a thick durable twine style rope that is pre-knotted for hanging (approx. 7 inches long). This terrarium has a flat bottom as well, perfect for setting on a desk or table top. 

    Please visit our Extras page for our Urethane Foam Pottery Cushions should you choose to set it on a table top. 

    • Removable pre-knotted, thick, twine style, ultra durable rope makes hanging easy and stylish.
    • High quality crystal clear glass body for uninterrupted 360 degree viewing.
    • Wide opening on front of glass body for easy access. 
    • 2 small vent holes near top of glass body for optimal air flow.
    • Open Air Design with a large surface area allows for proper air flow.
    • The deep base allows for easy placement of orchid media.
    • Glass body has a flat bottom and can be used as a desk top terrarium if desired.
    • Low maintenance & easy to clean.