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With highly accurate temperature readings (±2~3%RH and ±1°F) and a wide temperature range from -58°F to 158°F (-50°C ~ 70°C), humidity range from 10% to 99% RH, the humidity meter TP50 is the perfect device to help keep you informed and your plants happy. Not just reliable readings, the temperature and humidity monitor is equipped to give you daily updates on the record humidity/temperature high and low of any given day, allowing you to compare the current readings to those of the past. Another convenient feature is the unit with extremely sensitive humidity sensor will quickly inform you of the comfort level (Dry, Comfortable, Wet) in the room based off the humidity. The digital hygrometer TP50 is easily portable and has a stand for table top use or a magnet if you wish to have your device attached to a household appliance.

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer Humidity


    Whats included with this item?

    1 Digital Temperature and Humidity Monitor
    1 User Manual
    1 AAA Battery


    • Small and Portable Design:

    2.7'' smart display with large numbers allows you to read easily and move the device from location to location.


    • Simple Humidity Level Indicator:

    Dry: Humidity is below 30%

    Comfort: Humidity is between 30%-60%, temperature is between 68°F-79°F (20°C-26°C)

    Wet: Humidity is above 60%


    • High and Low Records:

    The humidity & temperature gauge displays all-time high and low records for both humidity and temperature.


    • Magnetic Backing:

    Magnet on the back can be attached to the refrigerator or any metal surface.


    • Tabletop Design

    The humidity gauge features a kickstand and sets the device upright at an easy-to-read angle.


    • Easy Setting

    Press the button on the back to switch between °C and °F and hold for 2 seconds to clear the  record maximum and minimum humidity/temperature readings.