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Expected ship date is mid September


Cystorchis variegata

-The Fairy Garden Jewel Orchid

Cystorchis variegata is a smaller variety of Jewel orchid with a soft velvety astatic. Reminiscent of something you would find in a fairy garden, this orchid will climb and spread to fill in beautifully.

Foliage is soft and oval shaped with a smooth blend of vibrant lime greens and deep rust reds. This orchid will move much like a ground cover if given the opportunity. Medium to fast growth & easy to split once mature. 

These Orchids are truly miniature in size making them ideal long term occupants in terrariums & vivarium’s. While considered a miniature variety, they form beautiful, bright, full clusters of foliage when mature.

Favored by both hobbyists and professional growers, this is one of our top picks for all skill levels.


Top pick for display inside glass  vivariums and terrariums.

Top pick for display inside hanging pottery.

In Vitro Cystorchis variegata

  • Please note that this is a pre order for an in vitro orchid, we expect to start shipping this plant in Mid September. While we take a great deal of care to insure expected ship dates are met and rarely miss them, flasking orchids can be a delicate and sometimes unpredictable process. We cannot guarantee your plant will ship on this date, we do however offer 3 options should your plant not be available as expected:

    1. You can agree to the new expected ship date.

    2. You can request a full refund.

    3. You can choose another item that is of equal or lesser value to be shipped immediately.

    All pre-orders will ship prior to plants being made available for general retail or wholesale.


    Whats included with this item?


    • One live, juvenile Cystorchis variegata Jewel orchid.
    • One 2 inch nursery pot.
    • One Temporary terrarium for use during shipping.
    • 3oz (min) Pars Terrae Mix.
    • Sphagnum moss for soil top layer.
    • Our live arrival guarantee.


    Our orchids and media are 100% chemical fertilizer and pesticide free, making them safe for delicate environments such as vivariums.

    Upon receipt of your order, your orchid will be carefully removed from the vessel it was grown in and placed into a 2" nursery pot. The orchid you will receive is well established, rooted & hardened off. 

    We believe in providing your new orchid with the foundation it needs to thrive before it even leaves our nursery. All orchids will ship pre-potted in our Pars Terrae Mix that has been blended fresh by hand exclusively by PA Orchid Exchange at no additional cost. We use only the highest quality dust-free ingredients sourced from the most reputable manufactures. To read more about Pars Terrae Mix please visit our Pars Terrae Mix page. (If you prefer to have your plant shipped bare root, please specify in the notes section of the checkout page).

    We guarantee your orchid will arrive free of pests!


    *The orchids pictured are an example of the typical appearance of orchids of this species from our collection and not representative of the exact plant that will be shipped.