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 Impact absorbing Urethane Foam Pottery Cushions help to protect furniture and counter tops  from scratches and dings while creating a soft cushin for your glass and ceramic pottery. 

Urethane Foam does not absorb water like felt coushins can and they are guaranteed to keep their form for the life of your pottery making them ideal for moisture prone environments such as the bottom of planters.

The natural wood color adds a clean, low profile astetic without taking attention away from the beauty your pottery.

Urethane Foam Pottery Cushion

  • Whats included with this item?

    • 4 Urethane Foam Pottery Cushins with adhesive backs.

    Simply peal the cushin backs from the package and stick to desired location in the bottom of your pottery.



    • 3/8" Hexagon Shaped  1/8" thickness