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Psychopsis mendenhall ‘Hildos’, also known as the butterfly orchid, this hybrid is beautiful in or out of bloom. In proper lighting the foliage is mottled in red and blooms with a single flower on a long inflorescence. This orchid is known to be “ever-blooming” because as one flower fades a new bud grows from the top of the spike - a single inflorescence will produce flowers for several years! The small option is approximately 2 years from blooming, whereas the large option is blooming size and should spike soon!

Large yellow and orange flower resembles a ‘dancing lady’ like other in the Oncidium genera.

Psychopsis Mendenhall `Hildos' FCC/AOS (Butterfly x pap.)

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    • One live, Psychopsis Mendenhall `Hildos' FCC/AOS (Butterfly x pap.) in a 4" inch pot. Approx. 2 year from blooming size
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    • One live,