Simple shapes, rich earth tones and a touch of deer eye dip on one edge make this orchid planter the perfect final touch in any room. This shallow dish style planter is ideal for terrestrial orchids and looks particularly nice with the greener varieties of jewels. The white one is available in round and square and the dark brown one is available in round. Each planter is two-toned with a primary color and dipped in high gloss deer eye glaze on one edge (the process of Deer Eye Dipping results in unique pieces, each one may vary slightly). These look great grouped with each other on tabletops and shelves.  The body is made of high quality solid ceramic. This planter is weather resistant and will not fade under UV lighting. 


Very limited quantity available!

Top pick for grouping miniature varieties.

Top pick for medium & miniature Jewel Orchid varieties.

Top pick for potted display inside cloches and terrariums.

Tuscany Deer Eye Dipped Shallow Orchid Planter

  • The Tuscany Deer Eye Dipped Shallow Ceramic Orchid Planter comes in two sizes with two color options and two shape options:


    White Square

    1.9'' H x 3.5'' W x 1.5'' Internal Depth


    White Round 

    2'' H x 4'' W x 1.5'' Internal Depth


    Brown Round

    1.9'' H x 3.5'' W x 1.5'' Internal Depth


    • The medium size of this planter makes placement options virtually endless. Our favorite is inside cloches and terrariums!
    • Open Air Design with a large surface area allows for proper airflow.
    • Two color options and two shape options allow for a variety of combinations when grouping.
    • Low maintenance & easy to clean.
    • The cup style allows for easy placement of orchid media.
    • 100% high quality ceramic that will not fade or discolor.
    • Deer Eye Dip is a unique glazing technique that results in truly one of a kind pieces.