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At only 1.15 inches tall and 1.9 inches across this is the smallest orchid planter we offer. Ideal for miniature Jewel Orchids and easy placement inside terrariums and cloches. The body is solid ceramic & finished with a dust white gloss glaze. Because of the unique glazing process, each piece has beautiful imperfections that resemble freckles and will vary slightly. This planter is weather resistant and won't fade under UV lighting. 


Very limited quantity available!

Top pick for grouping miniature varieties.

Top pick for miniature Jewel Orchid varieties.

Top pick for potted display inside glass cloches and terrariums.

Minikin Dust White Ceramic Cup Planter

  • The Minikin Dust White Ceramic Cup Planter comes in one size:


    Extra Small

    1.15" H x 1.9" W x 1'' Internal Depth


    • This planter is weather resistant allowing for out door placement.
    • 100% high quality ceramic body holds up to typical terrarium and vivarium conditions.
    • The truly miniature size makes placement options virtually endless. Our favorite is inside cloches and terrariums!
    • Low maintenance & easy to clean.
    • The cup style allows for easy placement of orchid & media.