White ceramic pottery is all the rage right now and we can see why! These miniature solid ceramic orchid pots have beautiful rounded lines and simple shapes with a high gloss glaze. Measuring only 2 inches high, there's no limit to the number of places these look great. Their small size and neutral color also makes them a popular choice for inside terrariums & cloches. These also look fantastic grouped with each other. 


Very limited quantity available!

2 shapes available stock permitting.

Top pick for miniature Jewel Orchid varieties.

Top pick for potted display inside glass cloachs and terrariums.

Modern Contemporary Miniature White Ceramic Orchid Pot

  • Modern Contemporary Miniature White Ceramic Orchid Pots come in two shapes:



    • 2'' H x 2'' W x 1.9''  Internal Depth



    • 2.1'' H x 2.15'' W x 1.12 W (Top Opening) x 1 3/4'' Internal Depth


    • These planters are weather resistant allowing for out door placement.
    • 100% high quality ceramic that will not fade or discolor.
    • Two shape options and a miniature size make it easy to be creative with grouping and placement.
    • Low maintenance & easy to clean.


    Urethane Foam Pottery Cushions are sold seperatly, please visit our Extras menu for details.