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A classic planter designed specifically for orchids with an open air design and attached saucer that is sure to add a touch of the old world to your collection. Each planter is 2 toned with a light and a dark color. The glazing process causes natural variations in the final product making each piece unique. The body is made of high quality solid ceramic with a high gloss finish. This planter is weather resistant and will not fade under UV lighting. 


*4 color options available.

*Top pick for outdoor use.

*Top pick for vanilla orchid display.

5 "- Imperial Square Ceramic Orchid Pot With Saucer

  • The Imperial Square Ceramic Orchid Pot With Saucer comes in one size

    4'' H x 5'' W x 3.25'' Internal Depth


    • Drainage holes allow excess water to drain away from plants roots easily.
    • Attached matching ceramic saucer protects furniture from excess runoff after watering. 
    • Open Air Design with a large surface area allows for proper airflow.
    • Additional openings on sides of planter allow for additional airflow.
    • This planter is weather resistant allowing for out door placement.
    • 100% high quality ceramic that will not fade or discolor.
    • 4 Color Options make it easy to match your personal style. 
    • Low maintenance & easy to clean.
    • Included felt feet protect your furniture from scratches.