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A modern teardrop shaped hanging planter that frames your plant with an open-air design and adds a touch of artistic flair. This is the perfect way to showcase your Jewel Orchid. With 6 color options and the ability to hang it or remove the steel wire to set it on a table or desk, theres no limit to the places this planter will look fantastic. It has a slick tidy appearance that keeps the attention on the stunning specimen inside. The body is solid ceramic with either a high gloss or matte finish depending on your choice of color and comes pre-assembled with sturdy ready to hang steal wire. This planter is weather resistant and will not fade under UV lighting.

Teardrop Hanging Orchid Planter

SKU: 364215376135191
$17.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
  • Urban Garden Hanging planters come in one size, approx:

    8'' H  x  5.25'' W  x 1.25'' Internal Depth


    • Drainage hole allows excess water to drain away from plants roots easily.
    • Open Air Design with a large surface area allows for proper airflow.
    • 15" (min) looped, sturdy steal wire, pre assembled for hanging in windows, on patios, or any other favorite location.
    • 100% Ceramic body with deep teardrop shape for a slick, tidy appearance.
    • 6 Color Options make it easy to match your personal style. 
    • Low maintenance & easy to clean.
    • A flat bottom gives you the versatility to set this planter on a flat surface rather than hang if desired. Wire hanger is easily removed.

    Please visit our Extras page for our Urethane Foam Pottery Cushions (sold seperatly) designed to protect your furniture should you choose to place this planter on a flat surface rather than hanging.